• Courtyard in Spring 2013 (Austin, TX)
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  • Courtyard in Spring (2) 2013 (Austin, TX)

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Porthole Design: A Unique and Personal Approach to Garden-Making

At Porthole Design, our idea of great landscape design is one where people come into contact with nature and are changed by what they see. In other words, we make gardens that aim not just to beautify a setting but actually transform the people who inhabit that setting. It all starts with plants: careful selection, placement, and groupings of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, grasses, and more. Placing a special emphasis on small outdoor spaces and container gardens, Porthole Design works hard to make it look easy, creating a full-sensory, living experience with the surrounding landscape and architecture of your home.

I want the gardens Porthole Design creates to influence people’s lives as much as the other way around. To slow us down, allow us to establish roots, make visitors to the garden “see” things as if for the first time, to excite with the unexpected and the new. These are some of my goals. At Porthole Design, the plants in my landscape designs are center stage. I take pride in knowing their botanical names, growth habits, cold and heat tolerance, uses and histories and charms and my mission is to create unique spaces where people and plants come into contact with one another. Ultimately, I believe a well-designed garden should inspire and influence us, as well as inform and change the way we encounter the world beyond it. Call today to see what I can create for you!

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